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Explore These 10 Digital Learning Platforms

Digital learning platforms are crafted to handle the complexities of deploying learning and monitoring progress, allowing you to concentrate on refining your learning content. Explore the carefully selected 10 digital learning platforms tailored to meet the requirements of learners in this digital era.

1. EdApp

EdApp stands out as an acclaimed digital learning platform that enhances the online learning journey for your learners. It features a free course library covering various topics such as marketing, cybersecurity, and free OSHA 30-hour training. The platform adopts a microlearning design model, breaking down information into easily digestible segments to improve comprehension and retention. Additionally, many courses are editable, allowing customization of lessons and the inclusion of specific processes or policies tailored to your organization.

For those interested in developing their courses, EdApp offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop course authoring tool, enabling the creation of captivating learning content in minutes. Utilize its microlearning template library, catering to a variety of learning methodologies. Incorporate images, exercises, games, and quizzes freely to enhance engagement and boost retention rates.

If creating courses is time-consuming or you prefer expert guidance, our in-house team of instructional designers can develop engaging, interactive, and gamified courses on your behalf. Simply provide the source material, and they will handle the rest.

If you lack the time to create courses or seek expert guidance, our team of in-house expert instructional designers can craft engaging, interactive, and gamified courses on your behalf. Simply provide the source material, and they will handle the rest.

  • Pricing: Complimentary
  • Noteworthy Features:Templates for Microlearning, Complimentary Course Library, Authoring Tool, Tailored Content Creation
  • Commence your journey with the premier digital learning platform today! Enroll in EdApp for no cost.

2: Arlo

Arlo serves as a digital learning platform that streamlines and automates your workforce training initiatives. Within this IT learning platform, you can develop and deliver blended learning courses and online modules covering a range of topics, including marketing, digital literacy, cybersecurity, and even free OSHA 30-hour training if necessary. It offers features such as storing training resources, automatic scheduling and conducting of live webinars, and activation of discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes to enhance learner engagement and productivity. It's important to note that Arlo operates on a monthly paid subscription, but users can explore all its key features for a 14-day trial period without the need for a credit card.

  • Pricing: Begins at $9 per month
  • Highlighted Features:Streamlined Training Management, Cloud Storage, Automated Scheduling, Live Webinars, Discussion Forums, Assignments, and Quizzes
  • Commence your journey with the premier digital learning platform today! Enroll in EdApp for no cost.

3. CreateLMS

CreateLMS stands as an additional digital learning platform, offering a cost-effective solution for expediting the onboarding process of new employees and enhancing overall employee training efficiency. With its advanced course builder tool and skills assessment feature, you can effortlessly create and manage eLearning courses and assessments, webinars, and blended training. The flexibility to engage your team is a standout feature – seamlessly blending formats like instructor-led training and assessments with self-paced courses or incorporating video and PowerPoint with quizzes. To alleviate the task of developing training programs, you can leverage ready-made courses from their content partners and deploy them directly to your team.

For those concerned about inconsistent internet access impacting file availability, CreateLMS offers an ideal solution. With its Network Attached Storage (NAS) feature, users can store, archive, and access all training content from a centralized location without requiring an active internet connection.

If you seek high-quality educational resources to aid in achieving your learning objectives or supporting your students, we've curated a list of some of the most valuable open educational resources currently accessible.

  • Pricing: $2 per user annually
  • Highlighted Features: Course Building Tool, Pre-Made Courses, Network Attached Storage (NAS)

4. 360Learning

360Learning is a digital learning platform equipped with an authoring tool, content integration system, and analytics dashboard. The user-friendly course authoring suite requires no technical expertise, empowering individuals to create courses within minutes. Integration of diverse learning resources, including videos, images, blog articles, and research, ensures training content remains current and engaging. Collaborative learning features such as discussion boards and group pages enable workers to actively participate in meetings with both you and their peers.

  • Pricing: Accessible upon inquiry
  • Highlighted Features: Course Authoring Tool, Integrations, Dashboard, Collaborative Learning

5. Inquisiq

Inquisiq serves as a digital learning platform empowering managers to deploy, manage, and track the learning programs essential for employees, customers, volunteers, and partners. The platform provides a centralized space to create your entire training program, featuring automated learning, SCORM compatibility, support for blended learning, a configurable interface, eCommerce functions, and more. Post-registration, users have the option to set up branding on the platform. Inquisiq is mobile-compatible, enabling team members to undergo training on the go. However, it's important to note that the platform comes with a cost, which could become significant as you scale.

  • Pricing: Accessible upon inquiry
  • Highlighted Features: Diverse learning materials in various formats, real-time data insights, automatic deployment, extension of resources to external audiences

6. Tovuti LMS

As a digital learning platform, Tovuti LMS simplifies your employee training system. Utilizing its integrated course authoring suite, you can effortlessly design, edit, schedule, and deploy interactive courses. Incorporating leaderboards and other gamification elements encourages learners to successfully complete their assigned learning tasks. Tovuti LMS offers a synchronous learning option through its live virtual classroom platform, allowing employees to engage in group discussions or one-on-one interactions in real-time using third-party online video conference tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting. Learners also benefit from a personalized portal displaying their badges, certificates, leaderboard rank, checklists, assigned courses, and upcoming training sessions.

  • Pricing: Accessible upon inquiry
  • Highlighted Features: Course Authoring Tool, Leaderboards, Virtual Classroom, Personalized Learner Portal

7. Coassemble

Coassemble is a cloud-based digital learning platform that empowers managers and learning and development executives to create online training courses and monitor progress without the need for third-party software. With over 40 interactive and customizable templates, the process of creating and publishing courses is streamlined. For those overseeing a sizable mobile workforce, the mobile-responsive functionality proves beneficial, enabling field personnel to access courses at any time and from any location. This learning experience platform also features an employee training tracker, providing the ability to monitor employee activities outside the workplace. Assessment of success is facilitated through metrics such as time spent on the screen, answers and feedback on tests, and the percentage of time dedicated to each course.

  • Pricing: Complimentary
  • Highlighted Features: Course Development, Progress Tracking, Customizable Templates

8. Google Classroom

Google Classroom stands out as a widely utilized digital learning platform in various organizations. Trainers can create and oversee classes, assignments, and results online through this platform. Being part of the Google Suite, it offers seamless integration with YouTube videos, Google Forms surveys, and other items from Google Drive, providing an advantage for users already familiar with these tools. Facilitating peer-to-peer learning in remote settings, Google Classroom's class stream allows engagement in question-driven discussions. While a free version is available, the paid version offers additional features, including advanced video conferencing, enhanced security, and premium support.

  • Pricing: Complimentary, Subscription Options
  • Highlighted Features: Integration with G Suite, Virtual Classroom, Class Stream, Video Conferencing

9. Funzi

Funzi is a digital learning platform tailored for busy learners, presenting information in bite-sized pieces through beautifully-designed learning cards. The platform features a curated library of courses designed to address skill gaps worldwide, with the flexibility for users to complete them in as little as 15 minutes per day over one week. Funzi's partnerships with reputable organizations like Pearson and the United Nations ensure the quality and standards of the course content. Accessible on any device with an internet connection, Funzi eliminates the need for app downloads. While some courses are free, most require payment for access.

  • Pricing: Begins at USD
  • Highlighted Features: Optimized for mobile, Learning Card Format, Library of Courses

10. Pluto LMS

Last but not least is Pluto LMS, a mobile-friendly digital learning platform designed to provide seamless learning experiences. It encompasses content authoring, course management, user management, reporting, integrations, and more. The built-in content creation tool enables the development of courses with learning paths and gamification elements. Additionally, users can create quizzes and tests, with the option of implementing webcam proctoring to prevent cheating. Deep analytics offer insights into learner progress and completion rates. Compatibility with SCORM packages from other LMS allows users to upload and natively display them within Pluto LMS.

  • Pricing: Begins at USD
  • Highlighted Features: Optimized for mobile, Learning Card Format, Library of Courses

Gabrielle Rivera

Gabrielle Rivera serves as an eLearning content writer at EdApp, a microlearning solution tailored to contemporary digital habits. Her focus involves generating content related to cutting-edge learning technologies and resources, aiding companies in providing exceptional training experiences. Outside of her writing pursuits, Gabrielle enjoys engaging in video games and reading books during her leisure time.

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